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Book: No Small Potatoes

“No Small Potatoes” by Al Reser.

In 1960 when twenty-five-year-old Al Reser became president of the potato salad manufacturing business which his parents began in their Oregon farmhouse kitchen ten years earlier, the company had a dozen or so part-time employees. Today, Reser’s Fine Foods is one of the most respected and admired companies in the food industry, boasting over 2,600 employees and annual sales approaching one billion dollars. In this book you will get to learn more about the Reser’s fascinating story, and how this local family-run business became so successful.

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Book: Images of America Aloha-Reedville

Front Cover of Aloha-Reedville BookImages of America Aloha-Reedville by Janel Josephson.

What we think of today as Aloha or Aloha-Reedville in Washington County, Oregon, was once a collection of small villages that developed near rivers and established overland routes. Today, the suburban community of Aloha, once part of Oregon’s oldest agricultural centers, maintains a significant role in the development of the Portland metropolitan region. This book features wonderfully restored photos and maps of the Aloha-Reedville community accompanied by detailed descriptions of its early peoples and places.

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Book: Images of America The Oregon Air National Guard

Cover page for the book Images of America: The Oregon Air National Guard Images of America The Oregon Air National Guard by Terrence G Popravak Jr. and Sean M. Popravak.

The Oregon National Guard’s 123rd Observation Squadron became the state’s first aviation unit and pioneered Oregon military aviation into the postwar Oregon Air National Guard (ORANG). In the 70 years since its start, the citizen airmen of the ORANG have served their community, state, and nation from locations in Oregon, throughout the United States, and worldwide. In the book you will find a complete history of this decorated unit, along with other unique stories illustrating Oregon’s postwar aviation history.

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Book: Bethany: A Community In Transition

Book Cover for Bethany A Community in Transition Bethany: A Community In Transition, by Donald R. Nelson. All proceeds go to the Museum.

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Book: Images of America Tigard

Book cover for Images of America Tigard, by Barbara Bennett Peterson,
Images of America Tigard by Barbara Bennett Peterson.

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Book: Images of America Forest Grove


Images of America Forest Grove by Terrence G Popravak Jr. and Sean M. Popravak.

Forest Grove, one of the first settlements in the Oregon Territory, owes its name to its many varieties of trees. The rich soil and plentiful creeks made the area perfect for growing crops, and the abundant forests would provide a future lumber industry. However it wasn’t until the community combined their efforts and built a log-cabin school house, that Forest Grove really began to take shape. The cabin would eventually become Pacific University, drawing hundreds and causing the small group of local farmers and loggers to swell, creating an education boom town. This book uses beautiful high-resolution images to tell the story of how Forest Grove came to be the thriving city it is today.

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Book: Images of America: Beaverton

Images of america - Beaverton (Cover)

Images of America: Beaverton by Colleen Medlock.

From the first land claim in 1847 to the growing technology industry of the 21st century, the city of Beaverton, Oregon, has had an impressive history. The earliest inhabitants were the Atfalati, a Native American tribe who dubbed the area Chakeipi, or the “Place of the Beaver.” When modern settlers began to arrive in the mid-1800s, they continued to refer to the area as “Beaverdam,” often draining the dams to aid their farming of the rich soil that remained. Since the 1950s, a growing number of high-tech companies have operated here, earning Beaverton a spot on the roster of places that comprise Washington County’s Silicon Forest.

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Washington County Native American Seasonal Round Map

The Museum recently completed research and developed a map in consultation with tribal members from the Grand Ronde that identifies areas of historic significance to the Atfalati or “Tualatin” band of the Kalapuya within Washington County.

seasonal round mapThe map juxtaposes the general locations of spring, summer and fall camp locations, and winter villages of the Tualatin over a current map of Washington County. The map illustrates what a seasonal lifestyle looked like in Washington County and the general areas where Tualatin family groups lived and traveled to collect resources important to their culture as well as their survival.

The map is currently on display in the “This Kalapuya Land” exhibit.

Resource maps are also available for sale as a teaching tool.

Maps are $10.00 plus shipping and may be ordered by clicking the Pay Pal button. The maps will be available for purchase at the Museum Gift Store Monday- Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please call in advance if you wish to purchase several maps so we can have them ready for you to pick up.