Curriculum Standards

Whether your students are in elementary or middle school, the Washington County Museum’s education programs meet the required curriculum standards. Additionally, with each Touching History Mobile Museum presentation, we have created a follow-up activity available to you to share with your students here.
Benchmark Standards



Scholarships may be available for schools in financial need that would like to schedule a Touching History Mobile Museum. Click on the link below for a fillable-form scholarship application.
Scholarship Application


Outside the Classroom Learning

Want to keep the learning going outside the classroom? Encourage students to explore other Museum programs as well, including Family Day, which is free to all. Parents can bring the kids for hands-on crafts with the Museum’s education staff. Staff and volunteers feature historical information in a fun and engaging way using arts and crafts from bygone years, as well as showcasing select stories and artifacts from the Touching History Mobile Museum and other presentations.


Next Steps

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