Washington County History

The Washington County Museum, formerly known as the Washington County Historical Society, has been the dedicated guardian of the county’s notable history for over 50 years now. But the museum’s roots reach much further back than 1956, when the present organization incorporated. Many of the thousands of immigrants who poured into what is now the State of Oregon over the Oregon Trail settled, ultimately, in what is now Washington County. For most this was a remarkable life-defining experience that demanded to be memorialized and remembered. Thus it was that people began to form groups, gathering to share stories of the trail, to reminisce, and to celebrate their mutual unique accomplishment.

Washington County, Oregon takes up most of the Tualatin Valley, a basin formed by the Tualatin River, which slowly winds down into the Willamette River. It is bordered by the Coast Range to the west, the Columbia River to the north, and the basalt filled Tualatin Mountains (or West Hills) separate the valley from Portland.

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Historical Sites

History of Washington
Museum History
Washington County
Camassia quamash camas plant at Washington County Museum, Oregon
Camas Sites
Five Oaks 3
Five Oaks
Tualatin Academy Hall Fire 2
Tualatin Academy
& Pacific University
Washington County Roads
Washington County
John Sweek House
John Sweek House



Historical Figures

0379_thomas ramsey cornelius
Colonel Thomas
Ramsey Cornelius
Albert Tozier small
Albert Tozier
Margaret & Lester Mooberry
Lester & Margaret
Ezra Elmer Colestock
Ezra Elmer Colestock
Tabitha Brown Portrait
Tabitha Brown
George R. Bagley
Robert L Benson 2
Robert L. Benson


Historical Artifacts & Documents

Lester Moobery Article 2
First Plank Road
from Portland
Southern Pacific Cart
Southern Pacific
Railroad Luggage Cart
The Rock Creek
School Bell
Old Log Jail 2
Old Log Jail
Festivals, Fairs, & Fun
Post Cards