Garden Party


Morning Glory print by Barbara Mason

The social event of the summer!

Once a year, members and friends of the Washington County Museum get an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Reser Family’s garden and delicious cuisine provided by Reser Fine Foods.

Each past luncheons have featured nationally renowned speaker from the arts, humanities, or sciences.


Thank you to Pat Reser & Bill Westphal for hosting the 2017 Garden Party​ and to Mari Jo Prlain and the wonderful Reser’s Fine Foods crew for creating and serving the wonderful lunch.

Morning Glory print by Barbara Mason

Past Garden Party Speakers

2017 Daniel H. Wilson, author and roboticist

2016   Linda Needham, author and playwright

2015   Mark Shapiro, Laika Studios

2014   Elizabeth Woody, Native American poet, author and artist

2013   Paulann Petersen, Oregon’s Poet Laureate (2010-2014)

2012   Aaron Lopresti, comic book artist, cartoonist, book author and illustrator

2011   Jean M. Auel, best selling author of Earth’s Children series

2010   Event Cancelled

2009   Phillip Margolin, best sellng author and former criminal defense attorney

2008   Kerry Tymchuk, author and public official

2007   Victor Atiyeh, Governor of Oregon (1979-1987)

2006   Edward Leavy, Judge, 9th Circuit US Court of Appeals

2005   Michael Rich, screenwriter

2004   – –

2003   Event Cancelled

2002   Jean M. Auel, best selling author of The Clan of the Cave Bear series

2001   Gerry Frank, author

2000  Michael Allen Harrison, musician/pianist

1999   Jean M. Auel, best selling author