Heritage Hunts

How well do you know Washington County, Oregon?

Here’s your chance to get out and explore!

Map of Washington County, Oregon.

What is a Heritage Hunt?

Heritage Hunts are educational scavenger hunts designed to encourage Washington County residents to explore places of historic and cultural significance within our county. Families, students and adults can use Heritage Hunts as a way to learn about locations and landmarks in our area for the first time, or gain deeper knowledge of a known location.

This is an on-going program, and we will release new Heritage Hunts throughout the year. Please continually check our webpage to download Heritage Hunts and check your answers.

Download a Heritage Hunt

In honor of September’s City of the Month, our first Heritage Hunt location is in Cornelius, Oregon! Good luck!

Cornelius, Oregon: Veterans Memorial
Tigard, Oregon: Summerlake Park

Check Your Answers

Cornelius, Oregon: Veterans Memorial Answer Key
Tigard, Oregon: Summerlake Park Answer Key