Washington County Goes to War

wacountywar_forwebsiteWashington County Museum’s special exhibit, “Washington County Goes to War,” is a salute to the brave men and women who served our country in the first two World Wars.

A generous donation of local resident Bill Crandall’s father’s World War One uniform soon sparked a complete exhibit about both World Wars and the sacrifices made by those who fought and those who remained on the home front.

The first World War began in Europe 100 years ago this year. US troops did not join the fight for another two years. When they did arrive on the front, the soldiers engaged in a brutal trench war more savage than they could imagine.

World War Two saw a wave of patriotism on two fronts, in Europe and the Pacific. On the homefront, the Braceros came up from Mexico to help keep the agriculture business running and Japanese Americans found themselves uprooted from their lives and sent to internment camps.

Check our website calendar for special lectures and events planned in conjunction with this exhibit.

Thanks to our partners at The Historical Outreach Foundation who helped us with this exhibit.

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