Photographer Eric Lindstrom

Lead shot (1)Author Eric Lindstrom collected several thousand color photographs during the research for his book, Up Fanno Creek. Originally these photos were intended to augment the field notes he took during the course of his study. Soon however it became clear that some images would be needed to supplement the words of the book, providing visual collateral to ideas that sometimes couldn’t be put completely into words. Over time, as the quantity and quality of the photo collection grew, Eric realized that in some cases the words themselves ended up being the supplementary material, especially where many of the more iconic photographs were concerned. These photographs and their captions will be on display beginning May 6th.  Support for this exhibit is given generously by the Hillsboro Arts and Cultural Council.

Huewe Trees (1)About the Artist: Dr. Eric Lindstrom has succeeded in multiple careers including professional photography, college-level teaching and post-secondary academic administration. In retirement he began studying and photographing a small stream near his home in Portland, Oregon. The project soon became a full-time endeavor and ultimately lead to a new career as a writer/advocate focused on themes related to urban streams and their management. Up Fanno Creek is his latest book, and this is his first photography exhibit.

Exhibit opens May 6, 2014

Eric Lindstrom will speak at a Crossroads Lecture will be Wednesday, June 18, 2014 from noon to 1 p.m. Visit our events and lectures announcements and Program Calendar for information on other events and activities associated with this exhibit.