In the Footsteps of David Douglas

daviddouglasexhibit_logo_forwebsiteThis exhibition highlights the life and accomplishments of Scottish botanist and explorer David Douglas and his contemporary legacy of plant collecting, documentation and illustration in the Pacific Northwest. The exhibit includes artifacts, herbaria samples, natural history literature and educational displays illuminating Douglas’s explorations in the Willamette Valley. A central focus of the exhibit is a selection of natural science illustrations by contemporary artists working in a variety of media. Read more about the Oregon Botanical artists in the exhibit on the OBA Artists site. Seeking Silence: Photography of Russell J. Young, a photography exhibit by Russell J. Young featuring 14 prints of Oregon landscapes that David Douglas might have visited is concurrently on display.

David Douglas HutWe offer a free Teacher Guide (PDF) and Family Guide (PDF) to the David Douglas exhibit.

The Museum partnered with the Walter’s Cultural Art’s Center to present three art focused workshops in conjunction with the Douglas exhibit. The classes include: Botanical Illustration for Beginners on January 31 with Catherine Alexander (open to age 18 and over), Printing from Nature on February 7, with Barbara Mason (14 years and over), and Photographing Specimens in Nature March 7 and 8, with Russell J. Young (18 and over). Prices vary.

Details and registration can be found by visiting the Hillsboro Parks and Recreation class registration site or by checking our events and lectures announcements and Program Calendar.

Pre-registration is required for all classes and is only through Hillsboro Parks and Recreation. The phone number to register is 503-615-3485 .

ACF210EHistorical Note: David Douglas’ second expedition from England to North America started in 1824 and brought him to the Pacific Northwest. The Royal Horticultural Society sent him on a plant-hunting mission that ranks among the great botanical explorations of the generation. Douglas introduced about 240 species of plants to Britain, including the Douglas-fir. Over 80 species of plants and animals have douglasii in their scientific names in his honor.

The Museum store sells the Limited Edition DVD: Finding David Douglas, a critically acclaimed documentary produced by Portland historian Lois Leonard for the Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission. The DVD is $20.00. To order a copy contact us or call the Museum 503-645-5353.