Mobile Museum for Community Groups

If you can’t make it to us, book a Mobile Museum presentation and let us come directly to you! Using a kit of artifacts from the museum’s collection, presenters demonstrate how the objects were used in the context of the lives of the people who used them. Mobile Museum Presentations for Community Groups are lively interactive discussions that incorporate PowerPoint images and time for questions and answers.

Crossroads Lectures

Grandfather, grandmother and grandchild sitting in Crossroads lecture space. Crossroads lectures are held quarterly at the Washington County Museum. Guest speakers from around the area are invited to speak on cultural and historical issues and subjects related to Washington County. Many of the Crossroads Lectures are timed and themed for holidays, festivals, and current events. Check our programming calendar to learn about upcoming lectures.

Local Story

Local Story is a nomadic public program designed to raise awareness about the dynamic people who contribute to the living history of this remarkable region. The program comprises a series of individual events organized in collaboration with community members, all of which revolve around the theme of locality, family history, and the pursuit of opportunity in Washington County and its environs.

Check our programming calendar for upcoming events.

Museum After Dark 21+

1402231_10151967742590318_1220756244_o_optIt’s a Happy Hour like no other as we dive into the mysteries and intrigues of the Washington County Museum after dark.

Museum After Dark is the Museum’s adult-only (21+) event dedicated to exploring the history, art, science, and culture of the region, kid-free! Participants enjoy fun-filled evenings with a theme, and adult beverages and light appetizers are included in the ticket price.

Special Events

Garden party guests posing for camera. Washington County Museum hosts several special events throughout the year.


If you are researching information on Washington County History, please remember that the museum offers extensive references and resources in our Library and through the Washington County Heritage Online.