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Sponsorship Opportunities

The Washington County Museum encourages corporations, foundations, public agencies and non-profit associations to consider a sponsorship opportunity with the Washington County Museum. Sponsorships allow entities to achieve their marketing and communication goals by partnering with leading cultural organizations in Washington County. Exhibition and Educational Program sponsorships provide a unique way to reach both Museum audiences and corporate constituents.

A list of current Museum sponsors can be found by following this link.


  • Ladies of the Valley: Part II (1910-1950): This new exhibit highlights women’s fashion through the first half of the 20th century when styles changed drastically after World War I. The exhibit features period dress, office machinery, electric home appliances, and Montgomery Ward advertisements to name a few!
    • $500 – Partner; $2,500 – Champion; $5,000 – Sponsor

Educational Programs

  • Local Story: Local Story brings together artists, storytellers, historians, authors, and community members for dynamic discussions, workshops, and stories about what it means to live, work, and play in Washington County, Oregon.
    • $500 – Partner; $1,200 – Champion; $2,400 – Sponsor
  • Free Family Mornings: Families receive free admission and enjoy hands-on activity stations with other families. Taught by a professional educator with the help of volunteers, our successful program regularly hosts 100 participants every month throughout the school year.
    • 500 – Partner; $1,500 – Champion; $3,000 – Sponsor
  • Museum After Dark: Visitors (21+) can explore Museum exhibits, sip adult beverages and nibble on snack foods while engaging in some Halloween-themed hands-on activities and fun. Past Museum After Dark events include: “Curator’s Closet of Curiosities”, “Doctors, Dentists, and Death”, and this year’s program “If These Walls Could Talk“.
    • $500 – Partner; $1,000 – Champion; $2,500 – Sponsor
  • Crossroads Adult Lecture Series: Local experts provide entertaining and educational talks on topics such as art, history, science and culture in these semi-regular lectures.
    • $500 – Partner; $1,500 – Champion; $3,000 – Sponsor


General sponsor benefits include:

  1. Your name or logo prominently displayed at the entrance to the exhibit gallery or program area;
  2. Your name or logo listed on the Museum’s website, as well as a link to your primary website;
  3. Your name or logo displayed on all marketing materials for the respective exhibit or program, which include posters, press releases, newspaper ads, etc.
  4. Your name listed within the Annual Report.

These and many other events and lectures and educational programs we offer the community that need your support.

Call 503.645.5353 or contact us by email to become a sponsor and keep this unique museum alive and an essential part of your community.