Adopt an Object

The Washington County Museum has a wonderful collection.  It is full of photographs, letters, textiles and much more that tell the story of this County.  Taking care of these things is a monumental task.  We are dedicated to preserving the artifacts and archival materials so that future generations can learn from the past to make a better tomorrow.   To ensure this success, we continually survey the collection to identify pieces that require additional help.  This is called a “conservation assessment,” and it is vital to the long-term care of the collection.

The Adopt An Object program highlights items of particular interest that members of the community might be interested in lending a hand to preserve.  These objects are in need of specialized conservation.  Below is one example of the objects in need of care.  Adoption costs vary, depening upon the object and the estimated cost of conservation.


Washington County Jail Register

Dating to 1914
Adoption Cost: $2,000

Adoption will cover the conservation of this register. This object documents Washington County arrests and bookings and chronicles the mischief for which early residents were “collared.”


Please contact the Director of Collections to discover more!  Call 1.503.645.5353 ext 108.