Author Series: Ken & Kris Bilderback

Ken & Kris Bilderback

May 20, 2017 – 12:00 PM -1:00 PM

Washington County Museum – Downtown Hillsboro

Friends of the Museum and established Gaston resident-historians Ken and Kris Bilderback will be f eatured in our May installment of the Local Author Series here at the Museum. With the perfect blend of well-researched history and a captivating story, each book is an enjoyable, light read that doesn’t sacrifice historical depth.

The Bilderbacks will be at the Museum on May 20th to lead a discussion on Gaston’s pioneer cemetery that is under threat of being forgotten. As one of Washington County’s non-profit pioneer cemeteries, Hill Cemetery relies on the work of committed volunteers to maintain the grounds and assist relatives who are seeking to have family members buried there. This year saw the remainder of those volunteers, those who had worked tirelessly for decades, step down, leaving the future of the cemetery in question.

Hill Cemetery is the resting place for some of Gaston’s most notable early settlers, along with many other important Washington County figures like Peter McIntosh, the “King of Cheese”, who created Tillamook cheddar, and one of the most-significant Champoeg signers. Come and hear Ken & Kris share the history of this Washington County landmark, and the stories of some of the individuals who lay below. We will also be discussing different ways that you can get involved with ensuring Hill Cemetery remains a landmark for the future.

If you would like to know how you can help the Hill Cemetery before Ken’s talk, keep an eye out in the upcoming e-newsletters for instructions and contact information from the current organizers of the project.

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