Image of Chinese woman on file.

*Rescheduled* History Talk– November 5

Patricia Hackett presents The Chinese in Oregon & the Chinese Exclusion Act at Washington County Museum.This program is a rescheduled talk from our August Crossroads Lecture.

Join us for a lecture titled, “The Chinese Exclusion Act Case Files” by Patricia Hackett Nicola on Saturday, November 5 at 1 p.m. The Chinese Exclusion Act restricted Chinese from immigrating to the United States from 1882-1943. The National Archives branch in Seattle holds thousands of Chinese Exclusion Act files on the Chinese living in Oregon. Patricia Hackett Nicola, who has been working as a volunteer with the Chinese Exclusion Act files in Seattle since 2001, will present documents found in select files, the history of the Act, and how to access the files. This program is made possible by the Oregon Historical Society, which hosted two exhibits on Chinese history in the United States and Oregon earlier this year. Visit for more information.

Event Title: Crossroads Lecture- “The Chinese Exclusion Act Case Files”
Event Date: Saturday, November 5
Event Times: 1 p.m.
Event Location: Washington County Museum
Cost: Free for all!