The following are the current exhibits at the Washington County Museum. Many of the museum’s events, lectures, and educational programs are directly associated with current exhibits. Visit our events and lectures announcements and Program Calendar for information on other events and activities associated with these exhibits.

Silicon Forest: Innovation in Washington County

Innov8WCMInnovation is the core concept of this new exhibit at the Washington County Museum. The Silicon Forest in Washington County exhibit showcases the extraordinary infusion of invention and knowledge that made high tech a powerhouse in this region. After exploring some of the key innovations, this exhibit will also challenge visitors to think about Washington County’s future — and your own.

Washington County has been and continues to be a nurturing and supporting incubator providing the creative spark for individual and group invention and innovation. Using examples from a variety of innovators from this area, this exhibit demonstrates that practical know-how, as the catalyst that turns creativity into innovation, has long been a deeply held value in Washington County.

In the Footsteps of David Douglas

daviddouglasexhibit_logo_forwebsiteIn the Footsteps of David Douglas is an exhibit highlighting the travels and legacy of David Douglas, an explorer and plant collector who traveled the Pacific Northwest in the early 1800s. Douglas brought the wonders of our regional flora to the world! The exhibit includes: botanical illustrations, landscape paintings, pressed flowers, historical artifacts, and educational activities for children. Made in partnership with the David Douglas Society and the Salem Art Association.

Seeking Silence: Photography of Russell J. Young

Russell-Young-DL_-20-1Seeking Silence: Photography of Russell J. Young” was created in conjunction with the exhibit “In the Footsteps of David Douglas” to capture the Oregon landscapes that David Douglas might have visited.

The exhibit consists of 14 photographic prints on rag paper. Russell J. Young is a self-taught photographer and fine art printer who has a passion for visual works and draws influence from the elements of various art forms.

Washington County Goes to War

wacountywar_forwebsiteWashington County Goes to War is a salute to the brave men and women who served our country in the first two World Wars. A generous donation of local resident Bill Crandall’s father’s World War One uniform soon sparked a complete exhibit about both World Wars and the sacrifices made by those who fought and those who remained on the home front.

The first World War began in Europe 100 years ago this year. US troops did not join the fight for another two years. When they did arrive on the front, the soldiers engaged in a brutal trench war more savage than they could imagine. World War Two saw a wave of patriotism on two fronts, in Europe and the Pacific. On the homefront, the Braceros came up from Mexico to help keep the agriculture business running and Japanese Americans found themselves uprooted from their lives and sent to internment camps.

This Kalapuya Land

KalapuyahumbnailforwebThis Kalapuya Land exhibit celebrates the cultural history of Native Americans in this region from the Atfalati band of the Kalapuya Indians through today’s amalgamation of 130 tribes as the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde. Many school age children who experience Oregon Native American history in person for the first time do so through Mobile Museum lessons our educators deliver to students in schools across Washington County. This exhibit expands on that history through words, pictures and artifacts from our collection.

Americans All: The Bracero Program in Washington County

bracerothumbnailforwebThe Americans All: The Bracero Program in Washington County exhibit explores the first recorded influx of Mexican and Latino immigrants into Washington County, made possible through the Bracero program. Washington County has the largest Latino population north of Sacramento, California.

Past Exhibits and Collections

The Washington County Museum features exhibits and collections celebrating and honoring the history of Washington County, Oregon. Check out some highlights from Past Exhibits, and please enjoy the many unique collections on display.